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Why I Burnt My Maid’s Buttocks With Hot Knife- Mother Of Three



Woman Narrates Why She Inflicted Burns On Her Maid’s Buttock.

A pregnant lady in Abia State who professedly utilized a super hot kitchen blade to consume the hindquarters of her housemaid, causing has given her side of the story.

The suspect, Mrs. Ogechi Maxwell, a mother of three, hails from Obingwa Local Government Area of the state.

Maxwell, who claimed up to the wrongdoing before newsmen, said that she put the blade on a stove and after it ended up intensely hot, she utilized it to consume the bottom of her 11-year-old cleaning specialist, Mary Alexander, for not disclosing to her where she typically went each time she sent her on an errand, including that the casualty could neither impart in English or Igbo.

While she was marched by the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Anthony Michael Ogbizi ,at the state police central command, Umuahia, Maxwell said that at whatever point she sent the young lady on an errand, she would not return on time.

“In this way, I was endeavoring to inspire her to state reality of what she was doing and where she was going each time I sent her on an errand. With an end goal to get reality out her, I put the blade on a stove and when it ended up intensely hot, I utilized it to consume her rear end. I was endeavoring to make her discussion; she doesn’t comprehend English. What’s more, she didn’t state reality and I did what I did to know whether she would reveal to me reality. On the off chance that I sent her on errand, she would remain for around a hour prior to returning and I needed to discover where she used to go or remain each time she went out.

“I have been living with the young lady for eight months now. I have three youngsters and she remains with them. She doesn’t comprehend English or Igbo. When I brought her, we masterminded that she would stay and begin school by September with the goal that she would know how to convey. She is from Plateau State; I got her through her sibling there.”

After the episode, she fled and later she returned with somebody she said is her sibling. The occurrence occurred on August 8, 2018. I fill in as a government employee at Ministry of Public Utilities. I have lamented my activity now. I am telling the specialists that I am so sad and that I did what I outed of outrage. I live with my better half. I have argued to her to excuse me and she said that she has pardoned me. I will encourage different housewives to be watchful and ease back to outrage in transit they manage their home servants.” she included.

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